About Me

 My name is Amy. Six years ago I was a Classics Student who'd diversified into mediaeval British languages at Postgraduate level. My plan was to pursue an academic life living in a garret somewhere in a cold European city. Instead I have been living as the wife of an itinerant scientist, accompanied by Pia who arrived five years ago. Admittedly, this life has so far involved garrets in three, on occasion fairly chilly, European cities, (though we prefer to think of them as penthouses), and a house in one other, so my plan is half working. Pia has never been very interested in the intricacies of Old Irish grammar, or even the antics of the people in the Norse Sagas, so I have been concentrating more on my creative hobbies with her. Now she can wield a barbed needle felting needle with confidence! 

I can't resist the lure of wool in its many different forms, and spin my own yarn, and use needle felting as an alternative way of moulding wool. I always intend to source my wool locally but one of my favourite places to get wool is Shetland - you can read more about the unique qualities of this wool on my blog. 

I find that there isn't enough time to create all of the things I think of, so if you have an idea for some yarn, or for a variation on one of my items, contact me! I'd love to make it. 

You can find out more at my blog, and my facebook page

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